Jason Lowe: ironmarch user/twp member in Rhode island

TWP/iron march user/Daily Stormer Book club member Jason Lowe

Recently antifascist activists have gained access to a variety of neo nazi discord and chat servers including the forum iron march and the #tradworker discord server. It has been discovered that the user “jtlowe83” on ironmarch and the #tradworker discord is really named Jason Lowe who currently lives in Rhode Island.

Jason Lowe
Jason Lowe


While many fascists attempt to use fake names or aliases to conceal their identity, Lowe used his real name as his username. His IP address also reveals that he is in Rhode Island. From there it was easy to find his facebook [link:  https://m.facebook.com/jtlowe83?tsid=0.6329583598080755&source=result] profile and personal information as he follows a number of fascist accounts.

Jason’s IP address
Jason admits he’s from rhode island

It was also discovered that this same username appeared on the #tradworker and #charlottesville 2.0 discords, He appears to have ties to a host of unsavory characters, including Matthew Heimbach.

Lowe greets Heimbach with “Hail Victory”


Additionally, his posts on the #charlottesville 2.0 , discord suggest that he attended the Unite the Right rally that took place in Charlottesville during the summer of 2017 and resulted in the death of a counterprotester after Neo Nazi James Alex Fields drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counterprotestors. Present at the rally were a number of openly Neo Nazi groups, including the National Socialist Movement, Vanguard America ( Now Patriot Front), Identity Evropa, and the TWP. In the discord logs Lowe claims that he was standing next to alt right figure and avowed neo nazi Anthime Tim Gionet ( a.k.a Baked Alaska) when he was maced by counterprotestors.


Jason in the Charlotsville 2.0 discord server claiming that “it was not supposed to be a nazi rally” despite the presence of jason kessler and other avowed neo nazis


Jason claims he was “feet away” from Baked Alaska when he was attacked


It turns out that Jason wasn’t lying. In fact his decision to not wear a helmet or mask at the rally made him easy to identify among the crowd of assorted racists.

Jason at the Unite the Right Rally

He also talks about participating in a local Daily Stormer book club. The Daily Stormer is a blog started by violent misogynist and neo nazi Andrew Anglin who was recently the subject of controversy after harassment allegations were filed against him. The Daily Stormer provides a daily dose of holocaust denial, neo nazism, misogyney, white nationalism and bigotry of many different stripes. The Daily Stormer book clubs were “ male only” book clubs started by Anglin as an attempt to encourage real world organizing. Currently these  “book clubs” have been operating in the US and abroad in Canada and Europe. Most have only met in coffee shops and bars, but occasionally they have gone out of their way to harass minorities and put up neo nazi propoganda. 

Jason claims he is only in “book clubs and TWP”


Jason’s chat logs are riddled with antisemitism and bigotry towards marginalized groups.

Jason claims that the Jews are “far more dangerous” than nonwhites.


Jason seig hieling


Jason sharing a tasteless meme about the car ramming attack in Charlottesville


Jason professes his love for Hitler and the swastika

In summary Jason Lowe is an open Neo Nazi who has expressed his contempt for Jews and talks about participating in a slew of far right rallies across the country. His bigotry is especially concerning given that Lowe works in Tech support at Cox Communications according to his linkedin profile. Please call (855) 204 3470 and let them know they have a Neo Nazi in their midst.

Here is more info on Lowe:

address: see pastebin

phone: (401) 941 0566





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