Scott Martin: Violent Oregon Militia Member and Aspiring Mass Shooter

In collaboration with our partners at the Central Oregon Peacekeepers, we have identified Scott Martin as a violent militia member who commonly uses the handle “Bo Hica” on social media. Scott currently lives in Boise, Idaho, but he had been living in Redmond Oregon up until June of 2022. During his stint in Central Oregon he was involved with the American Patriot Three Percent militia group and Peoples Rights, both of which have ties to the broader far right militia movement that was active during the racial justice protests in 2020 and the subsequent “stop the steal” movement that coalesced around the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. A precursory glance at Scott’s social media reveals he has threatened overt acts of violence against community members and social justice advocates on multiple occasions, including calls for vigilantism when he feels the state is not enforcing the law against anyone he deems as “antifa” and threats to commit mass shootings on facebook. 



Full Name: Scott Alexander Martin

Aliases: Bo Hica, Boris Hica, Alex Martin, Scott Martin II, Bo Fubar Hica

Photos of Social Media:









social media:



Places lived

Redmond OR

Boise, Idaho (currently)

Clear Photo:



American Patriots Three Percent:

The Three Percent militia is an umbrella term for a number of different organizations that have traditionally  held antigovernment, right wing populist, christian nationalist, libertarian, and southern revanchist ideologies. While there are many legitimate criticisms of the government, the Three Percenters often indulge in baseless fringe conspiracy theories that are not only patently absurd but encourage real world violence. Their ideology centers around the idea that they are the ideological descendents of the revolutionaries who fought against the British because they believe it is their duty to overthrow a “tyrannical” US government. Recently their rhetoric has shifted from simple opposition to laws they deem as “unconstitutional” to an unwavering support of the Trump presidency, opposition to the 2020 protests in response to the death of George Floyd, and the embrace of conspiracy theories like Qanon. The Three Percenters also played a huge role in the “Stop The Steal” movement and were present during the January 6th storming of the US Capitol, the latter resulting in their designation as a terrorist entity by the Canadian government. 

  The  American Patriot Three Percent militia is a faction of the Three Percent movement that coalesced during the backlash against the election of Barack Obama in 2009. Originally founded in New York, the group now has a presence in many states, and regularly engages in paramilitary training/ activism. In Oregon they have been particularly active due to their participation in the 2016 occupation of the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge and their efforts to protect Oregon lawmakers who fled the state in an attempt to block climate change legislation. Members of the AP Three Percent have also been a common sight at Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer rallies that have taken place on the Portland waterfront, where they could be seen marching alongside neo-fascist groups like the Proud Boys. In addition, They have been a fixture at numerous pro-trump rallies in Eugene, Salem and parts of Central Oregon. 

members of AP Three Percent on the Portland Waterfront with Patriot Prayer





Peoples Rights:

Peoples Rights is a far right militia initially formed by Ammon Bundy in response to mandates intended to curb the spread of COVID-19. While the group formed in Idaho they are now the largest paramilitary group in Oregon, encompassing numerous former Three Percent groups and people who have engaged in opposition to COVID mandates, opposition to the 2020 protests in response to racial injustice, election denialism, and other issues that have recently animated the far right ( this has included opposition to LGBT rights). Currently Peoples Rights in Oregon is led by BJ Soper, who founded the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard and has since been a common sight at far right protests in Central Oregon. Additionally , Peoples Rights appears to have a friendly relationship with the Bend Police Department, in part because the Bend sheriff has spoken with the group on numerous occasions, and Bend PD has allowed members of PR to participate in brawls with local activists without consequence. A member of the Bend PD was also spotted with a Three Percent patch, which despite the resulting fervent public outcry went largely ignored by the then chief of police Mike Krantz


Scott Martins Militia activity:

In 2020 Scott Martin was affiliated with the American Patriots Three Percent militia. He attended numerous armed militia rallies in Prineville that served as a backlash against the then ongoing protests after the death of George Floyd. Other well known militia members were in attendance including BJ Soper, Three Percent member Jarred Tyrea Robinson, and Albany militia member Paul Luhrs.






Scott has also advertised his affiliation with the AP Three Percenters on the site Mymilitia, which was created as a social media platform for militias to recruit new members. Even though the site mostly consists of boomers who frequently go on incoherent constitutional rants, it has been linked to violent activities, including threats to bomb government buildings and directions on how to construct various weapons and explosives. 

Scott Martin on MyMilitia


Scott Martin advertising his affiliation with the AP 3%


In the wake of the January 6th 2021 insurrection the AP Three Percenters largely folded into Peoples Rights in an apparent attempt to distance themselves from the Three Percent brand. Throughout 2021, Peoples Rights participated in protests across Central Oregon, including an anti-mask/anti vax event in front of Redmond High School that took place in January 2022. The event was reportedly monitored by the FBI and largely consisted of several members of Peoples Rights handing out free McDonalds coupons in an attempt to goad students into eschewing the high school’s mask mandates. Scott Martin was in attendance at the event, alongside well known militia member Scott Stuart. 

    As mentioned previously, Martin recently moved to Idaho, and is now an active member of the Idaho Liberty Dogs. The group has been known to harass homeless members of the community and like their militia counterparts in Oregon, have whipped up fear and paranoia about the Black Lives Matter movement. They have attempted to disrupt LGBTQ+ events on numerous occasions, which is a reflection of the rhetoric that is being used to demonize the LGBTQ+ community that has shaped an extremely dangerous trend on the far right. 

History of Threats

We have known about Scott Martins activities for a while, but his most recent actions have left us no choice but to expose his identity. In the last couple of days, Martin threatened to carry out a mass shooting at a Pride parade in Boise on Facebook. While most fash will try to keep their threats vague or conceal their identities in the case they are directly threatening someone, Martin’s threats are not only specific in nature but are posted under his usual alias (Boris Hica). 


This is not the first time Martin has threatened members of the community. He had previously threatened to burn down the BIPOC friendly Worthy Brewing company on the East Side of Bend after they hosted an event put on by the Central Oregon Peacekeepers. Since then Martin has posted a list of people he would like to see dead, which included the pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Bend, Deschutes county district attorney John Hummel, and numerous social justice advocates local to the Bend area. As mentioned previously he has also made numerous calls for vigilantism against BLM activists, stating that its time for “good ole’ fashioned cowboy law.”












Martin has made numerous antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ+ comments on his Facebook, including a post equating Judaism with Satanism, an old anti-semitic trope. 


















Due to his constant threats and his escalating rhetoric on Facebook, Scott remains a clear and present danger to the community and is at risk of committing a lone wolf act of violence. If you have any more information on Scott Martins activities or affiliations please email

Nicholas Wolfgang Kaufman: Patriot Front Member and Physicians assistant in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

As discussed in previous articles, Patriot Front is a neo fascist and white supremacist group that is obsessed with branding and optics. The group initially splintered off of the Neo-Nazi organization Vangaurd America after their disasterous stint at the Unite the Right rally, and have since tried to distance themselves by maintaining an entirely new aesthetic. The organization espouses a neo-fascist and white supremacist version of American nationalism, and uses a mix of american patriotic imagery and fascist symbolism in its propaganda. The group mostly participates in mundane activism like placing fliers, stickers and banners in public areas or organizing the occasional flash march. These events are always short lived and take place in the dead of night to avoid scrutiny by counterprotestors. Typically these heavily choreographed flash marches only take place so the group can then use them as propaganda to recruit new members. 

Recently the independent media collective Unicorn Riot released a trove of data revealing the inner workings of the group. The leak revealed an organization that is micromanaged by its current leader Thomas Rousseau. The group is heavily top down and hierarchical, with patriot front chapters around the country being split into networks, with each network having a “director” that reports directly to Rousseau. The leaked chats also reveal a coordinated effort to vandalize monuments and murals dedicated to social justice movements, which could be construed as hate crimes. This sort of behavior is not new to the group, which has frequently targeted synagogues with its propaganda in the past. 

This brings us to Nicholas Wolfgang Kaufman aka “Mark PA” in the  leaked Rocket chats. Nicholas is by all accounts a newer member of the group, having gained access to its rocket chats in november 2021. From what we know about Nicholas he was a former division 3 football player at Kings College in Maryland, having played the linebacker position and recorded a measly season high of 2 tackles. 











In his relatively short stint in the chat logs, Nicholas was an extremely active member of the group, posting numerous fliers and stickers across the Philadelphia metro area and the Lehigh valley.














It is worth noting the PA chapter of Patriot Front had also previously vandalized an “anti-hate” mural in Boyerstown, Pennsylvania. While it is unclear if Nicholas had participated in the vandalism or if he had even applied for the group by the time it had happened, it shows that the chapter has willingly participated in hate crimes in the past. 



On December 4, 2021 Patriot Front members held a short lived “flash march” in Washington DC. While most of the group carried American flags with Patriot Front’s logo (A fasces with thirteen stars around it), some also carried metal shields and wore shin guards in an apparent attempt to defend themselves from counter protestors.  After about an hour of marching on the Capitol Mall, the group of fascists found that their Uhauls were nowhere in sight due to logistical problems caused by antifascist infiltration. The 200 or so Patriot Front members stood in the cold December weather for several hours before U-hauls could pick them up. The morning before the event the group’s shield team drilled and practiced their formations for the upcoming event (which they do completely wrong). Nicholas aka “Mark” could be seen standing next to other PA Patriot Front members holding a large metal shield.











From what we can gleam Nick graduated from Kings college with a degree in Physicians assistant studies and now works for Lehigh Valley Hospital in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. They can be reached at (610) 402-8900


Riley Johnson: Patriot Front Member and Computer Science Major at DSU

Patriot Front is a neo-fascist, white supremacist group that was created by Texas based teenager and avowed fascist Thomas Rousseau. The group initially splintered off of Vanguard America, an explicitely Neo-Nazi group that was responsible for the Death of Heather Heyer at the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Virginia after one their members drove his car into a crowd of counterprotestors. Patriot Front espouses a white supremacist and fascist version of American Nationalism, and their propoganda utilizes a mix of American Patriotic imagery and fascist symbolism. For example, the groups logo is a fasces with 13 stars around it, which was the original symbol of the Italian Fascist party in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Patriot Front logo







Thomas Rousseau at Unite the Right



The groups online manifesto also further reveals their white supremacist beliefs, claiming that African Americans arent trully Americans. In its own words: 

 “An African, for example, may have lived, worked, and even been classed as a citizen in America for centuries, yet he is not American. He is, as he likely prefers to be labeled, an African in America. The same rule applies to others who are not of the founding stock of our people as well as to those who do not share the common unconscious that permeates throughout our greater civilization, and the European diaspora.” The manifesto also claims that democracy has failed in the United States, and explicitly advocates for a fascist government. It goes on to say “The time of the Republic has passed in America as the system grows too weak to perform its duty. … The damage done to this nation and its people will not be fixed if every issue requires the approval and blessing from the dysfunctional American democratic system. Democracy has failed in this once great nation.”

   While the group explicitly brands themselves as American fascists, they typically utilize theatrical rhetoric and flashy propaganda to try to appeal to a more mainstream audience. The group often engages in flyering and banner drops, as well as the occasional flash mob. These events are often short lived and tightly choreographed for propaganda value. The most recent of these events took place in Washington DC on December 4, when 200 Patriot Front members marched on the National mall in Washington DC wearing knee pads and carrying shields. Due to infiltration by antifascists the group’s Uhauls arrived hours late, leaving the assortment of Patriot Front fascists shivering in the December weather. Patriot Front also was in attendance at the annual March for life in Chicago, seemingly in an attempt to recruit new members and spread their propaganda. While many members of the March for Life berated the group and accused them of hijacking their movement, they also received some positive attention from rallygoers.   

  After their recent stint at the March for Life in Chicago, Unicorn Riot released hundreds of chat logs and materials from the group exposing their inner workings. Unsurprisingly the organization is strictly micromanaged by Rousseau, who seems to rule over members with an iron fist. Members are required to report their weight, fitness activity, and diet, and any unwanted change in diet or weight gain could lead to suspension or expulsion from the group. The organization also does not allow members to drink alcohol or talk about gun ownership, and all of the groups propoganda must be bought directly from Rousseau, who uses the money to pay his rent. The leaked chats also show a coordinated effort to commit vandalism against murals and sculptures dedicated to social justice movements. In the Pacific Northwest these have included the defacement of the statue of York on Mount Tabor in Portland (not mentioned in the chat although there is evidence Patriot Front was involved) and the covering of an LGBT pride mural in Olympia 

Patriot Front members mock the destruction of the Pride mural in Olympia







Statue of York defaced by Patriot Front members








What we have also learned from combing the leaked chats is that the group also tries to recruit members who have experience with programming and cybersecurity onto their “tech team.” This brings us to Riley Johnson a.k.a Tyler SD. Riley is currently majoring in Computer Science at the University of South Dakota, and has done internships with the defense contractor known as Mantech. He has participated in numerous cybersecurity competitions including one hosted by AT&T.  He is also an avid racist and one of three members of patriot front in South Dakota. He has also worked extensively on Patriot Front’s website and cybersecurity. In the chat logs Riley shows his extensive knowledge of computer science, and frequently helps members with websites they own

Riley Johnson







    Oddly despite his technical knowledge Riley was never on Patriot Front’s tech team but did play a huge role in vetting new Patriot front members. Due to a paranoia of infiltration by antifascists, the group has an extensive vetting process involving first filling out an application for the group then participating in an online and in person interview. Riley was the notetaker for many of the online interviews, and sometimes participated in vetting members in person. He also played a role in the decision to accept new applicants. It is worth noting that a lot of applicants political affiliations are explicitly National Socialist or white nationalist. Applicants must also be straight white males between the ages of 18-35 (Although they have recruited teenagers younger than 18) and cannot be overweight or have medical conditions.

Various interviews have Tyler SD listed as the notetaker








Riley aka Tyler SD tells an applicant to join a voice channel for his interview






Riley has also attended multiple events with the group, including their December 4 march on the national mall in Washington DC. It is unclear how long Riley had to wait to get into a Uhaul but it was probably a while.

Riley talking about attending the march in Washington DC on the 4th






   In October of 2021 Riley attended a hike with Patriot Front members in Michigan. Much like their public appearances, nature hikes are choreographed events, and members typically take group photos holding an American flag with Patriot fronts logo where the 50 stars would normally be or they may film themselves reading the groups manifesto. On this particular hike the dozen or so fascists including Riley left Patriot front flyers in their wake

Stickers left by the group





Riley and his fellow Patriot Front members







Facepick of Riley at the hike









   The evening after their hike the group filmed themselves burning LGBT pride flags over an open campfire while chanting the fascist slogan “Blood and soil.” which has its origin in Nazi Germany.

According to the groups chat logs Riley has flyered and stickered with other members of the group, which is a requirement for members. These flyerings are often used as propaganda on Patriot Fronts Telegram channel and more often than not they are used to intimidate members of minority communities. 

   Due to Riley’s connection to defense contractors and knowledge of cybersecurity he presents a threat to anyone he comes into contact with. 

Please contact Mantech at (703) 218-6000 and tell them to stop giving internships to Nazis. Also go to and tell them that they have a Nazi in their midst

Edit: It appears Riley now works for Raven Industries in South Dakota. They can be reached at (605)-343-1401

full name: Riley J Johnson

clear photos:


James Eldridge: PDX Proud Boy

James Leo Eldridge is a Beaverton based member of the Neo-fascist/Chauvinist gang known as the Proud Boys. While it is unclear how long he has been a member of the group, Eldridge’s involvement with the Proud Boys goes back to at least the summer of 2020, when he was spotted attending protests that served as a backlash against the growing movement for racial justice. What we do know about Eldridge is that he is well educated, and had previously worked as an engineer at Darigold in Portland. He is also a father of 4 who lives with his ideologically aligned wife.

Note: Eldridge is not currently working at Darigolds







James Rails against antifascist protestors on Facebook



July 4 2020 Salem Rally

On July 4th 2020 hundreds of protesters in support of racial justice marched to the Oregon capitol building in Salem. They were met by a smaller number of counter protestors, which included an unsavory mix of Proud Boys, Three Percent militia, Back the Blue rallygoers, and Qanon conspiracy theorists. There was also a clear collaboration between the Salem Police Department and the far right, as one officer was filmed making an “ok” sign, a hand gesture appropriated by white supremacists. On his facebook page Eldridge took pictures of the rally 

Eldridge shared pictures of the July 4th 2020 rally on Facebook



August 22 2020 “Say no to Marxism” rally:

On August 22, 2020, Proud Boys, Back the Blue supporters, members of the “Patriot Coalition,” and numerous overt Neo-Nazis traveled to Portland to participate in the ”Say No to Marxism“/”Back the Blue“ rally that took place in front of the Portland Justice Center downtown. The far right crowd was armed with bats, shields, paintball guns, bear mace, and fireworks. For the first hour the right wing protestors formed a shield wall in the street and attacked a much smaller group of antifascist counter protestors. After a copious number of paintballs being fired and numerous injuries, it became evident that the antifascist crowd was growing and the fascists were becoming heavily outnumbered. Eventually the far right rally goers were routed out and chased. Throughout the ordeal Eldridge could be seen standing behind several members of the PNW Patriot coalition, including Trent Ulrey and Daniel Lippke.




August 22 2021

A year after the extremely violent rally that took place in downtown Portland that saw the Proud Boys being routed by antifascists, the admin of the private facebook group COPSNW Audra Price decided to hold a rally to commemorate the event, possibly in an attempt to seek revenge for the events of the prior year. While at first the rally was set to take place near the Salmon Springs fountain on the Portland waterfront, the venue was changed when it became apparent that the Proud Boys were going to be heavily outnumbered. While a vastly larger group of antifascists hosted a counterprotest on the waterfront, many miles away the actual event took place in an abandoned k-mart parking lot, which coincidentally happened to be a working class community home to many BIPOC and immigrant families. The rally quickly took a violent turn when a small group of antifascists showed up to counterprotest. The Proud boys did not hesitate to start attacking the crowd with paintball guns and baseball bats. After a running street battle and Tusitala “Tiny” Toese getting a fresh coat of paint the antifascists retreated. The Proud Boys then attacked cars that they believed belonged to antifascist counter protestors and tipped over a van that had driven into the parking lot. Eldridge could be seen squarely in the middle of the chaos, wearing a PDX proud boys shirt that celebrated mass shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. 


He also appears to be an acquaintance of white nationalist “groyper” Haley Adams, who is a common sight at rallies hosted by the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. He is featured in a photo taken on 8/22 alongside Adams, who is repping an Atomwaffen style skull mask and sunglasses (which make her look like a total dork) and longtime Proud Boy Carl “Flip” Todd


In another picture taken at the same rally, Eldridge appears to berate an anti-rascist counter protester who had been pepper-sprayed




James Eldridge is a threat to the community due to his continued involvement with Proud Boy organizing in the Pacific Northwest. While the Proud Boys have suffered legal/financial woes largely stemming from the capitol insurrection on 1/6/2021, they still appear to be active and possibly more violent than ever before. 



Address: 2325 sw 194th ave Beaverton Oregon 


Birthdate: 3/25/1971

social media:




clear photos:




Gary Edward Franklin: Neo-Nazi in Eugene Oregon

A Neo-Nazi based in Eugene Oregon – Gary Franklin- has been running a dating site for Neo Nazis called Since the site went online in 2020, it has gained hundreds of members including various well known Neo Nazi organizers across the Pacific Northwest. One example is Spokane based Neo Nazi Eddie Mcbride, who runs the Neo Nazi group 14 First and uses the allias “Thor’s Hammer” on Aryanfolk. Recently his group has become the subject of controversy after one of their members was arrested for vandalizing a synagogue in the Spokane area. Mcbride’s girlfriend Jamie Larson also posts on the site using the alias “Freya Odinson”

Eddie Mcbride
Jamie Larson












While was recently put online, it appears Gary Franklin is one of the more “old school” members of the white power scene. Gary’s Stormfront profile where he uses the alias “Swaz” indicates he joined in November of 2010.

Gary’s profile on Stormfront





   On one forum Gary shows interest in joining the Pacific Coast Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which was an attempt to revive the klan in the Pacific Northwest. While for many years the groups membership was minimal, by 2020 the it was virtually nonexistent, reflecting a larger trend of klan groups becoming less and less popular as fascists try to mainstream their ideology through optics.



Franklin expressing interest in PCKKKK




   Franklin also appears to have ties to the Portland based Neo-Nazi gang Volksfront which was formed in the Oregon prison system. The group’s stated goal was to turn the Pacific Northwest into a homeland for whites, and its membership was largely of the leftover members of other fractured Oregon based skinhead groups including East Side White Pride. In one message Franklin claims he wanted to “sit down” with them


Franklin wanted to “Sit down” with Volksfront




Volksfront logo





Despite his association with older elements of the white power scene Franklins new dating website appears to be an attempt to emulate New Saxon, a Neo Nazi social media website started by Florida based white supremacist Todd Findley that went offline after the National Socialist Movement bought the website but experienced a schism with their appointed webmaster Eric Adams. In fact, on his Stormfront profile Franklin even admits he used the same code as New Saxon.

Gary admits he used the code from New Saxon to
create It is worth noting that New Saxon was modeled after facebook and Myspace



Screenshot of New Saxon logo






Franklin also appears to have been influenced by Portland based Volksfront member Dylan Wheeler, who started a dating website called Folkcom. At its peak Folkcom had about 200 members before it went offline in September of 2005. While Gary Franklin mostly uses his Stormfront profile to promote his new website, he also uses the account “AF admin” on Aryanfolk. On his website Gary posts copious amounts of Neo Nazi propoganda and rascist cartoons/images. The site even uses the Othala rune as its logo, which is an ancient Norse rune commonly appropriated by Neo Nazis to symbolize a mythical  “aryan” past. It is worth noting that the usage of this rune may not necessarily be racist by itself, but combined with other Neo Nazi symbols it is a further indicator of a fascist ideology.



Othala rune





Gary posts a propaganda poster with the numbers 1488, a numerical code representing the white supremacist 14 words and the slogan ”Heil Hitler“, as H is the 8th letter of the alphabet













Gary promotes a Nazi propaganda poster









Gary compares people of color to primates





Franklin shares a racist joke he apparently thinks is funny








   Other than posting massive amounts of hate filled propaganda Gary also has several older profiles on dating sites, including where he claims he wants to have a long term relationship (just a bit of dating advice don‘t be a Nazi) 

Gary’s dating profile





   Franklin also has an enormous criminal record including menacing, DUI and carrying a concealed weapon. His most recent stint with the law was in May of 2021. He was arrested on federal charges of stalking and mailing threats when he sent a letter to a former teaching claiming he wanted to mutilate and kill her, all while using racial and anti-LGBT slurs. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. 

Gary Franklin mugshot



                     Gary has lived in a number of places across Oregon including Gearhart and Portland but currently resides in Eugene. If you have any tips regarding Gary Franklin or any of his associates please send them to






address: 507 N Cottage Eugene Oregon

birthdate: 5/29/1963


clear photos:

Jo Rae Perkins and Qanon in the PNW


In the wake of the Trump administration a myriad of far right conspiracies have entered the political mainstream and have become a regular part of public discourse. What is especially concerning about this development is the potential of these conspiracy theories to influence public policy and even undermine the democratic process. In recent months we have seen the Trump administration question the legitimacy of the 2020 election despite having no evidence to claim that the election was in any way rigged or manipulated. Despite this In response to the baseless allegations, Republican lawmakers and Trump administration officials have tried to undermine the election at every turn and disenfranchise voters, including filing frivolous lawsuits and refusing to give funds to President elect Bidens transition team. We have also seen a wave of far Right violence after it was clear that now president elect Joe Biden had won the election, which culminated in the stabbing of three antifascist activists in Washington DC and attempts to disrupt the electoral process by staging armed protests outside of polling places. In the volatile and politically charged environment that has formed over the past year there has also been growth in conspiracy theories like Qanon, which has in the past been a precursor to far right violence and still may hold the potential to cause an even larger and more destructive wave of violence if left unchecked. 

origin and spread

The theory picked up steam when an anonymous poster on 4-chan who called themselves Q claimed to be a high level government official who was close to the Trump administration and had access to classified documents and information. There have been numerous theories about Q‘s true identity, ranging from Robert F Kennedy to Trump himself. The poster or posters quickly gained an online group of followers who attempted to interpret the posts put out by Q and soon various Youtube channels and internet communities dedicated to Q began to pop up, including Reddit pages set up by 4-chan moderators.It wasn’t long before various mainstream right wing media outlets gave coverage to the growing Qanon movement, 


Beliefs and characteristics:

 The theory alledges that a satan worshipping cabal of elites which include a number of famous liberal politicians and actors in Hollywood are secretly engaging in child sex trafficking and harvesting their blood for a chemical called adrenochrome, which they believe will extend their lives. This belief appears to be based on an ancient antisemitic trope that a cabal of Jewish elites are secretly kidnapping Christian children and drinking their blood. The theory also claims that now former US president Donald Trump is secretly working with former FBI director Robert Mueller to expose the cabal before an attempted coup d’etat led by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama (who are believed to be in league with the cabal of elites) overthrows the US government and installs a one world communist government. On its face the theory appears to be an amalgamation of different right wing conspiracy theories that existed long before the 2016 election, an example being Pizzagate. Pizzagate was a baseless and now debunked conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros were secretly running a child sex trafficking ring under Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor in New York City. The theory was parroted across multiple platforms including 4chan and 8chan after the release of John Podesta’s emails by Wikileaks, and quickly picked up steam after it was adopted by fringe right wing media outlets like Infowars. The theory culminated in a shooting that took place within Comet Ping Pong Pizza in December of 2016, and since then has been debunked by a number of news outlets including It is worth noting that a variation of pizzagate dubbed “voodoogate” appeared in Oregon and claimed that Oregon Governer Kate Brown was running a child sex trafficking ring under Voodoo Donuts in Portland.     Qanon also appears to contain elements of the New World Order Conspiracy theory, which has long shaped the far right anti government movement in the United States. It claims that a secret cabal of elites, presumably the same one referenced in Qanon, are attempting to set up a Communist one world government with the help of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros after using the United Nations to coordinate massive gun seizures in the United States. The theory bears an uncanny resemblance to the theories put forward in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which claims to chronicle a meeting of Jewish elites making plans to take over the world and install a one world government. Even though the Protocols have been debunked on a multitude of occasions the conspiracies the book puts forward have morphed into a number of different modern day conspiracy theories, including the 

variation of the white genocide trope commonly embraced by neo-nazis that Jewish people are trying to destroy the white race. 


Qanon also has a variety of religious or occult characteristics, including elements of millenarianism and apocalypticism. Followers of Qanon believe in a coming event called the storm, where through hundreds of sealed indictments Donald Trump orders the mass arrests of Democratic politicians and members of the alleged deep state cabal. In their minds, this will spark a rebirth of the United States and the creation of a utopia on earth. The theory also focuses on Trump as a mythological or occult figure. Some fanatical Q followers even believe that he is a messiah sent by god to remake the world. It is why Qanon has been commonly referred to by some as ”an emerging American religion.“


Another characteristic that sets Qanon apart from right wing conspiracies in the past is its ability to morph into or absorb other conspiracy theories, especially when Q‘s predictions have been proven wrong. For example, Qanon has become very intersectional with the anti-vaccination movement, and Q‘s followers have claimed that the government is putting microchips in the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines as part of a plan to set up a one world government. Adherents have also claimed that drinking bleach is a miracle cure for the Novel Coronavirus, that German chancellor Angela Merkle is Hitler‘s granddaughter, that antifa are responsible for a series of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest that broke out in August of 2020 (Spoiler we aren‘t), that John F Kennedy Jr faked his own death and would emerge as Trump’s running mate in the 2020 election, and that mass shootings are government hoaxes. It has also been noticeable that overtime Q‘s posts have become more and more cryptic or vague, causing followers of Q to assign their own interpretations to their posts hence expanding the conspiracy theory. Due to the size and complexity of the conspiracy and its amorphous nature it has become increasingly harder for outsiders to understand its various layers.

Q map

    cultic qualities

The movement that has emerged as a result of Qanon has been described by many as a cult, and indeed does seem to share many of the characteristics of cults in the pre-internet era. Due to the vastness and complexity of Qanon, adherents who begin to believe in the theory are quickly led down a rabbit hole that takes them to deeper and deeper layers. Each layer is branded as an awakening to a new truth that nobody else knows about, or in their own words a ”red pilling moment.“ Many followers of Qanon use insular and coded language which cuts them off from the outside world and makes it more difficult for outsiders to deradicalize its adherents. It is why many former believers claimed to have been isolated from families and loved ones as their beliefs  progressed. It is similar to the radicalization process in broader right wing politics, as former white nationalists and Neo Nazis claimed to have slowly adopted layers of racist beliefs and conspiracy theories. Qanon is also cultic in the sense that it provides a single source of information while claiming others are false. Following in the footsteps of the Trump Administration, Qanon adherents see the media, hollywood, academics, and anyone presenting alternate sources of information as part of or participating in a vast conspiracy to overthrow president Trump, hence cutting them off from sources of information that may contradict their beliefs or cause cognitive dissonance. This is also backed up by groupthink and the portrayal of Trump as a prophet or messiah, which leads Qanon followers to never question Trumps statements. Q also uses plausible deniability to their advantage, as when one of their theories is proven wrong they claim it was deliberate misinformation to hide aspects of the truth that they don’t want to share with the public.  Hence any attempt to debunk Qanon actually becomes evidence of its validity in the minds of true believers. What the conspiracy also has going for it is its gamelike quality, since its characteristics are similar to that of a role playing game. Because Q’s posts are often vague and cryptic, adherents of Qanon try to assign their own interpretations to Q’s writing, convincing them that they are in search of a hidden truth and in a sense letting them create and escape into an alternate reality.

Q clock used by Qanon followers to predict coming events in the theory



Prominent figures involved with Qanon:

In recent years Qanon has become increasingly popular among mainstream conservatives, so it does not come as a surprise that the theory has been picked up by prominent figures in the Republican party and a number of candidates running for congressional seats. One example of this is Oregon senate candidate and far right wing nut Jo Rae Perkins, who made Qanon a central theme of her candidacy in the 2020 Oregon primary.

Jo Rae Perkins






Perkins embraces Qanon on Facebook



Perkins has also recommended “Out of the Shadows”, a “documentary“ which among other things claims films like Zoolander and music videos produced By Lady Gaga are desensitizing people to government mind control. The film also promotes Pizzagate and facets of Qanon, despite never mentioning the conspiracy by name. 

“out of the shadows”


Other than spewing baseless conspiracy theories Perkins appears to support the Proud Boys, a violent self-described “Western Chauvinist” group that in the past has promoted extreme islamophobia and misogyny, as well as maintaining ties to known white Nationalist groups and allowing Neo Nazis into their ranks, notable examples being the organizer of the deadly “Unite the Right” rally Jason Kessler and violent Alt Right figure Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. In one facebook post Perkins appears to wear a Proud Boy outfit

Jo Rae Perkins wearing what appears to be a Proud Boy outfit


She has also praised the Proud Boys in a tweet that included a video showing Proud Boys brawling with BLM protestors, and used the handle @ProudboysUSA. In a rather hilarious and unfortunate turn of events for Perkins, @ProudboysUSA is not the real handle for the Proud Boys, but is instead 

the handle for ”Proudly Pansexual“, an anti-police and anti-ICE group.

Perkins apparently didn’t check the Twitter handle @proudboysusa before posting it on twitter



Perkins has also railed against the LGBT community on multiple occasions, including a long winded diatribe against a project that aimed to improved healthcare for transgender children

Perkins rails against improved healthcare for transgender children and adults



She has also spouted the long debunked trope that being LGBT is unnateral, and that people aren‘t ”born gay“

Perkins claims being LGBT is unnatural



On August 15th Perkins was a guest speaker at a Qanon/anti-mask themed rally in Salem Oregon hosted by the American Patriot Society also known as T.A.P.S. The group coalesced as part of the right wing backlash to the ongoing BLM protests that started in the spring of 2020. T.A.P.S seems to have no problems letting violent Neo-Nazis attend their events, including Corey Wyatt, who served a 7 year prison sentence for assisting in the murder of teenager Cody Myers by members of a Neo Nazi prison gang called the Aryan soldiers. As the rally progressed several members of T.A.P.S violently assaulted a much smaller group of peaceful BLM counter protestors.

A member of T.A.P.S brutally beats a counterprotestor


On January 6th 2021, amidst baseless allegations by the Trump administration that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Joe Biden, tens of thousands of far right protestors  participated in the “Save America March” spearheaded by the Trump administration. After the rally ended thousands of Trump supporters, Qanon adherents, militia members and Proud Boys descended on the US capitol in a last ditch effort to stop the certification of the 2020 election. The siege led to the deaths of 4 trump supporters and 1 police officer, and the event has rightly been described by many as an attempted coup. White nationalist and Neo Nazi iconography could also be seen among rally goers, including one person wearing a “Camp Aushwitz” shirt and numerous flags with swatstikas and well known contemporary white supremacist symbolism. Various Alt Right figures including avowed Neo Nazi Matthew Heimbach, Alt right social media personality Anthime “Tim” Gionet, and leader of the Neo-fascist Groyper movement Nick Fuentes were in attendance. Perkins was also present at the capitol, although at this time there is no evidence to suggest that she actually went inside or participated in violent acts. Despite this, she appears to have taken a selfie on the capitol steps where much of the violence occurred, meaning she took part in the mob and is just as responsible as any other rioter for attempting to overthrow American Democracy.

   As expected, Perkins has also parroted the Trump administrations ”law and order“ message in response to the recent racial unrest, and like many on the right uses BLM as a punching bag. Despite her misplaced calls for ”law and order“ it appears by her own admittance Perkins has been visited by the FBI for her presence at the capitol riot, although she has not been arrested.  She also has a prior criminal history, as in December of 2005 Perkins was arrested for harassment and hindering prosecution when she attempted to prevent police from entering her home to arrest her son for evading police. We do not trust or support the police in any form, but it is ironic that Perkins thinks the law applies to everyone except herself. Even more concerning is Perkins‘s past work history as an employee at Oregon State University, given the university’s commitment to diversity and equality. You can read their statement here:


address: 1033 southwest Maple street Albany Oregon 97321

birthdate: 5/9/1963




In the wake of the George Floyd protests and the recent defeat of former president Donald Trump in the 2020 election we have seen a wave of conspiracy theories and far right mobilization aiming to delegitimize the election results and stoke fear and chaos. In the last couple months various “Stop the Steal” rallies have popped up in state capitals across the United States. Perhaps the most prolific was the capitol storming, followed by the Million MAGA march in Washington DC, where thousands of Qanon supporters, Proud Boys, three percent militia, and Nick Fuentes “Groypers” gathered to protest the election results and later in the night stabbed three antifascist activists. These events are significant because they reflect how the alt right has morphed and evolved into a pro Trump movement that has grown broader in scope. The Alt Right that existed in 2017 and 2018 has largely gone extinct with the exception of a few groups like Patriot Front. Many of the groups that marched at the Unite the Right rally are now defunct with their former members being exposed and doxxed. Amid this backdrop a number of figures and people formerly associated with the Alt Right have melded into a Pro Trump coalition, forming alliances with mainstream conservatives and MAGA supporters. We have even seen this in Oregon, with members of the “American Patriot Coalition” preemptively planning violence in Portland and welcoming overt fascists in their ranks. The coalition was made up of a motley group of Proud Boys, Three Percenters, 1776 militia members, members of various “back the blue” and pro police groups, Qanon supporters, and a few members of Pagan Neo Nazi group Operation Werewolf. Due to the scope and reach of conspiracy theories like Qanon it played a huge role in forming a fanatical army of Trump supporters that have only been radicalized further by Trump’s loss. 




Cole Pennock: Washington based Boogaloo Boy and Neo-Nazi

In recent months there have been widespread protests by the far right in response to the Trump administration’s baseless claims that the election was rigged in favor of president-elect Joe Biden. During these protests we have seen various armed militias, Qanon supporters, and Proud boys collaborate and take part in street violence against antifascists and political dissidents, including BLM activists. In the wake of Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election there have also  been growing calls for a civil war by these same groups in the hope of keeping the Trump administration in power. One particular group that has come to the forefront of this movement is the Boogaloo Boys, an armed self styled militia that often dawns Hawaiian shirts and body armor during protests.
The Boogaloo movement does not subscribe to a coherent or unified ideology, but instead are unanimous in their call for a civil war. Many Boogaloo Boys consider themselves to be right wing libertarians, but there are some who are overt white nationalists and Neo-Nazis, which makes sense because the term “Boogaloo” itself was originally used in white nationalist communities to refer to an outright race war. Many Boogaloo Boys are ideologically similar to terrorist groups like Atomwaffen division and The Base, who believe in bringing about the collapse of modern society in order to create a white ethnostate. At times they will even go as far as to adopt the aesthetics traditionally associated with Neo-Nazi accelerationist groups in the United States, including the skull mask often worn by members of the Base and Atomwaffen. Boogaloo boys have been known to show up to both Right wing and BLM protests, oftentimes to foment violence between the police and protestors in an attempt to start a civil war or commit violence against police. While the Boogaloo boys do not have the prerequisites to become a unified force with a coherent ideology, their willingness to commit violence and their proximity to white supremacist groups make them a threat to the broader community. This brings us to Cole Pennock a.k.a  Morgan Locryn a.k.a “Bard” in the leaked Patriot Wave chat servers posted by independent media collective Unicorn Riot. 

Cole Pennock








Cole is currently a first year graduate student at North Idaho college in Cour’d’Alene Idaho. In the discord logs, Pennock mentions to one of his fellow Boogaloo boys that they can contact him through a facebook page called “Morgan Locryn”. He then tells us that this is not his real name.

Pennock claims that Morgan Locryn is not his real name









It appears that the handle of the “Morgan Locryn” facebook profile is @cole.pennock.9. From there it was easy to find his real linkedin profile.

Cole’s LinkedIn profile








In the chat logs Pennock mentions he went to Washington State University. This along with his profile picture that matched the pictures on the Morgan Locryn account confirmed this was his real account.

Cole claims he goes to WSU





Like most right wing libertarians, Pennock’s ideology is contradictory and incoherent. While he claims to be anti authoritarian and oppose the state, police, and foreign wars, Pennock also embraces Neo Nazi and white nationalist ideology. Many of his posts veer into explicit racism and fascism, including sharing memes promoting the white genocide conspiracy theory and admitting to listening to Neo-Nazi styled music.

Pennock admits he listens to Nazi themed music


Pennock shares a meme promoting the white genocide conspiracy theory and holocaust denial











Alongside Neo-Nazi tropes Pennock also seems to have an extreme hatred of black people, women, and the LGBTQ+ community

Pennock calls Black people apes and thinks they should be kicked out of the United States









Pennock makes a disgusting joke
Pennock claims women shouldn’t vote
Pennock displays what he thinks of the LGBTQ+ community and people fighting for social justice









Alongside expressing extreme bigotry Pennock shows off his gear which he claims will be used in the Boogaloo. In one of his pictures he appears to have bought a Rhodesian Brushstroke sweater.

Cole’s Rhodesian bushstroke sweater that he is buying






Rhodesia was a former British colony that collapsed in 1979 and has since become a symbol of white supremacy due to its laws prohibiting the black population from holding political power or high paying jobs. After the colony formally declared independence from Britain a civil war broke out between the state and the black population, which led to chemical/biological weapons being used against civilians and suspected insurgents, the mass arrests and torture of black activists, and the eventual collapse of the regime. 

To this day the flag of Rhodesia has been used by white supremacists including mass murderer Dylan Roof. 

Dylan Roof posing with the flag of Rhodesia





Pennock also appears to have a large gun collection and claims to be an alcoholic. In the chats he frequently talks about drinking in the morning and while he’s posting on Discord




Due to his extreme racism and access to heavy weaponry Pennock poses an extreme threat to the people around him. 

Please contact North Idaho University and tell them they have a Boogaloo Boy in their midst. They can be reached at (208)-769-3311

clear photos:








Robert L Walker: Neo-Nazi/ Identity Evropa member at USC that never left the White Power Movement

Robert L Walker: Neo-Nazi/ Identity Evropa Member at USC That Never Left the White Power Movement

In recent years Antifascist activists have gained access to a number of discord servers leaked by the independent media collective Unicorn Riot. Several of the servers released to the public were used to organize the deadly “Unite the Right” rally that took place in the summer of 2017, which include the “Vibrant Diversity” and “Charlottesville 2.0” discord logs. Many of the members of these chats were already well known on the white power scene, including violent Neo-Nazi and founder of the Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin, notorious troll and outspoken Neo-Nazi Andrew Aurenheimer who also uses the allias “weev”, and Texas Daily Stormer contributer Robert Earl Ray a.k.a Azzmador. Other notable figures were holocaust denier Mike Enoch who runs the podcast “The Daily Shoah” and Nebraska based Neo-Nazi Dan Kleve. This brings us to Robert L Walker a.k.a n*gronaut in the leaked Discord logs.




Robert L Walker

Robert L Walker’s identity on Discord was originally outed by activist and Far Right researcher Emily Gorcenski on Twitter, but recently surfaced evidence shows he was a dues paying member of the Neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa which has tried to rebrand itself as “The American Identity Movement.” The group was founded by Neo Nazi Nathan Damigo, who is a self described member of the “Identitarian” movement which is just a euthemism to rebrand fascism. The group is heavily concentrated on optics and maintaining a clean public perception, and often targets college campuses with banner drops and flyers. They have even admitted to trying to infiltrate conservative politics and inject White Nationalist ideas into mainstream discourse to further radicalize onlookers. The group was also behind an attempt to set up a fake antifa twitter account in the wake of The George Floyd protests which encouraged violence. The attempt was convincing enough to fool Donald Trump Jr into reposting the account on his instagram, claiming it was an example of “radical leftists” trying to foment violence. After their discord server was leaked to the public revealing them as violent Neo Nazis the group tried to rebrand themselves as American Patriots, following in the footsteps of groups like Patriot Front and American Guard. However, their new branding has failed to distance them from their old name, as many members fled after their discord logs were exposed and the group has since fallen into relative obscurity. 

Identity evropa symbol at unite the right





Identity Evropa teal triangle before rebrand






Identity Evropa symbol after being rebranded as American Identity Movement






Robert L Walker originally caught the attention of Emily Gorcenski and Antifascist researchers when he shared graphic images of lynchings in the vibrant diversity and Charlotsville 2.0 discord logs, and specifically mentioned Emily Gorcenski several times. He shared several clues pertaining to his identity, including admitting he lived in California.

Robert L Walker celebrates lynchings of Black People






Robert L Walker says he lives in California and only wants to date white girls



He also used the handle @captainobvious6 on twitter and captainobvious62 on Skype. His identity was confirmed when he used a variant of his Twitter and Skype handles on Github, a platform often used by software developers. 

Walker uses variants of the same username across platforms


His Github profile indicated he was a seismologist and in the Discord logs he demonstrates several times that he has an extensive knowledge of seismology

Robert Walker talks about seismology in the Discord logs







The final confirmation of his identity was the email he used on Discord, which at the time was, from there it was easy to find his linkedin and graduate student profile at USC

screenshot of Walkers linkedin
screenshot of Walkers profile at USC

It appears that Walker still uses his old email address even after he was exposed. In August of 2019 Walker posted on the open source software site SourceForge and posted a number of personal details, including several phone numbers. It appears that Walker may have fled to Europe since his exposé was released by Emily Gorcenski, as one of his phone numbers has a European country code. To back this claim up, an article released after Walker was exposed claims that he may have fled to Spain and left his old life behind in the United States.





While not much is known about his current whereabouts it appears Walker has not since renounced his white nationalist affiliations, including his vile chat records in the leaked Charlottesville 2.0 Discord





A sample of Walkers virulent antisemitism



Walker expressing extreme racism





It also appears Walker attended the Unite the Right rally, as he talks about a fatal helicopter accident involving several police officers that happened on the same day as Heather Heyer’s murder.




It appears Walker has also put up fliers promoting white nationalism







While we have known about Walker’s political leanings for a while his most recent attempt to distance himself from his past by going underground has been in vain, as he is still quite active in the White nationalst scene. If you have any tips on Walkers current whereabouts or line of work please email us at



Last known address: 1188 W 36th pl Apt 1b Los Angeles

Note: Robert L Walker may have fled to Spain after he was first exposed and may no longer be living at this address



US: 1-(213)-290-7101

EU: 34 62  274 66 40


Rod Abrams: Former Vanguard America member/Christian identity podcaster in Washington

Rod Abrams

In collaboration with our comrades at Eugene Antifa, we are happy to reveal the identity of Christian Identity podcaster Rod Abrams aka “FairUse.” Abrams has been on the white nationalist scene for many years, starting off as a member of Vanguard America in 2017. He attended the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in which Vanguard America member James Alex Fields drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counter protestors. He was photographed with former Daily Stormer Podcastor “Azzmador” whose real name is Robert Warren Ray.

Abrams with Azzmador in Charlotsville
Fair Use Logo

He also goes by the name “FairUse” on the leaked Southern Front discord server, where he rubs shoulders with the likes of Texas based Neo-Nazi Thomas Rousseau. Since his involvement with Vanguard America it is unclear if he joined any of the groups that splintered off of the organization after their disastrous stint at the Unite the Right rally. What we do know is that he is currently running a podcast of his own known as “Leading Truth’s Own Tribe”, a podcast which promotes violent Anti-Semitism and white supremacy as well as a racist version of Christianity known as “Christian Identity.” The religion espouses Christian fundamentalism mixed in with Neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideas, claiming that Jews are the literal descendents of Satan and that whites, not Jews, are the true Israelites favoured by god.  Besides preaching his racist Christian fundamentalism, Rod gives his followers advice on how to mainstream Neo-Nazi ideology without being booted off of platforms, and in one episode reads “German Women” by Joseph Goebbels.

Rod’s podcast
FairUse in the Southern Front discord server used by Vanguard America

Abrams also runs a blog that promotes white nationalist content and points readers to his podcast and more well known white supremacist blogs and sites, presumabely to further radicalize his viewing audience. Alongside articles which promote open white supremacy like “How to Build a White Community” he also writes about relatively mundane topics like a tutorial on how to make homemade wine and an article detailing how to ventilate a root cellar. 

“How to build a white community”
List of so called “pro-white” websites including Neo-Nazi forums like Stormfront and the Daily Stormer
List of history websites. Note The Institute For Historical Review, an outfit that outright denies the Holocaust

Besides making podcasts, Rod also maintains multiple Telegram channels and a Gab account, where he spews bigotry of many flavors and promotes his podcasts. On one of his channels titled “The Propagandist” Rod gives more advice to his followers on how to spread Neo-Nazi propaganda, as well as possible ways to ignite a civil war between the right and left in the United States. Due to the massive amount of bigotry Abrams displays, we have had to break it up into multiple categories


white nationalism:














Other than spewing massive amounts of bigotry, Rod is also friends with a number of known neo nazi podcasters on his personal facebook page, including “Walrus Aurelias” and “Roscoe Jones”, who are the hosts of “Exodus Americanas”, a podcast on the Neo-Nazi website The Right Stuff. The Right Stuff was a website founded by prominent Alt-Right figure Mike Peinovich, and is known for holocaust denial and Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Exodus Americanas itself has platformed a number of  unsavory individuals, including prominent Alt Right figure James Allsup. Due to his widespread influence on the White Nationalist scene, Rod presents a clear and present danger to the broader community, especially because of his attempts to further radicalize Conservative Christians and other viewers of his podcast into espousing overt White Nationalism, as well as telling them to do the same to others.

Here is Rod’s social media:








Please report his twitter and Tumblr accounts, as they violate the platforms terms of service.

clear photos:







last known location: Auburn Washington



Jason Lowe: ironmarch user/twp member in Rhode island

TWP/iron march user/Daily Stormer Book club member Jason Lowe

Recently antifascist activists have gained access to a variety of neo nazi discord and chat servers including the forum iron march and the #tradworker discord server. It has been discovered that the user “jtlowe83” on ironmarch and the #tradworker discord is really named Jason Lowe who currently lives in Rhode Island.

Jason Lowe
Jason Lowe


While many fascists attempt to use fake names or aliases to conceal their identity, Lowe used his real name as his username. His IP address also reveals that he is in Rhode Island. From there it was easy to find his facebook [link:] profile and personal information as he follows a number of fascist accounts.

Jason’s IP address
Jason admits he’s from rhode island

It was also discovered that this same username appeared on the #tradworker and #charlottesville 2.0 discords, He appears to have ties to a host of unsavory characters, including Matthew Heimbach.

Lowe greets Heimbach with “Hail Victory”


Additionally, his posts on the #charlottesville 2.0 , discord suggest that he attended the Unite the Right rally that took place in Charlottesville during the summer of 2017 and resulted in the death of a counterprotester after Neo Nazi James Alex Fields drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counterprotestors. Present at the rally were a number of openly Neo Nazi groups, including the National Socialist Movement, Vanguard America ( Now Patriot Front), Identity Evropa, and the TWP. In the discord logs Lowe claims that he was standing next to alt right figure and avowed neo nazi Anthime Tim Gionet ( a.k.a Baked Alaska) when he was maced by counterprotestors.


Jason in the Charlotsville 2.0 discord server claiming that “it was not supposed to be a nazi rally” despite the presence of jason kessler and other avowed neo nazis


Jason claims he was “feet away” from Baked Alaska when he was attacked


It turns out that Jason wasn’t lying. In fact his decision to not wear a helmet or mask at the rally made him easy to identify among the crowd of assorted racists.

Jason at the Unite the Right Rally

He also talks about participating in a local Daily Stormer book club. The Daily Stormer is a blog started by violent misogynist and neo nazi Andrew Anglin who was recently the subject of controversy after harassment allegations were filed against him. The Daily Stormer provides a daily dose of holocaust denial, neo nazism, misogyney, white nationalism and bigotry of many different stripes. The Daily Stormer book clubs were “ male only” book clubs started by Anglin as an attempt to encourage real world organizing. Currently these  “book clubs” have been operating in the US and abroad in Canada and Europe. Most have only met in coffee shops and bars, but occasionally they have gone out of their way to harass minorities and put up neo nazi propoganda. 

Jason claims he is only in “book clubs and TWP”


Jason’s chat logs are riddled with antisemitism and bigotry towards marginalized groups.

Jason claims that the Jews are “far more dangerous” than nonwhites.


Jason seig hieling


Jason sharing a tasteless meme about the car ramming attack in Charlottesville


Jason professes his love for Hitler and the swastika

In summary Jason Lowe is an open Neo Nazi who has expressed his contempt for Jews and talks about participating in a slew of far right rallies across the country. His bigotry is especially concerning given that Lowe works in Tech support at Cox Communications according to his linkedin profile. Please call (855) 204 3470 and let them know they have a Neo Nazi in their midst.

Here is more info on Lowe:

address: see pastebin

phone: (401) 941 0566



yeah no shit Jason